Corrosion Monitoring and Inspection Services

For over 25 years, Pacific Sensor has been supplying quality corrosion monitoring and inspection equipment and services to major industries around the world, such as chemical processing, petroleum, and water treatment industries.

Our products include:

Corrosion Coupons

Pacific Senor offers a variety of corrosion coupons, which you can simply integrate into your current pipe systems with Pacific Sensor’s coupon rack. Our corrosion coupons are an integral part of any corrosion detection system.

Replacement Electrodes

Ensure that measurements remain accurate and consistent by replacing electrodes on a regular basis. We offer everything you need for accurate corrosion monitoring and inspection.

Corrosion Racks

Pacific Sensor carries corrosion coupon racks, which you can incorporate (along with Pacific Sensor’s corrosion coupon) into your current system to provide higher levels of corrosion detection and assessment. Our corrosion racks are designed to add non-invasive lateral stream monitoring and multiple configurations to any monitoring points within your system. Our Coupon Racks include a roll of Teflon tape and require assembly. 

Coupon Holders

Our corrosion coupon holders provide the perfect housing for all our corrosion coupons and are an imperative part of our corrosion monitoring system.

HFRR Test Specimens and Fuel Testing

Pacific Sensor is an industry leader in providing HFRR Test specimens for your High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR). Our specimen test provides accurate friction measurements for all of your fuel testing. 

Weight Loss Analysis for Corrosion Coupons 

Pacific Sensor provides weight loss analysis that supersedes industry standards. Once the exposure period is complete, secure and ship your coupons to Pacific Sensor and we will analyze and publish the results.  

At Pacific Sensor, we aim to provide clients corrosion coupons that have a consistent surface finish. Pacific Sensor’s commitment to consistency means your company can rest assured that the coupon is reflecting accurate conditions that exist at every measuring point. We also offer weighing services of the coupon on an analytical balance to +/- .0001 grams. Our standard procedure includes computer labels, printouts, and archiving for all coupons that are weighed. Analysis of the exposed coupon is also available with a report.