Fuel Analysis and Lubricity Testing Products

For over 25 years, Pacific Senor has been a leader within the fuel analysis industry. Our products can be incorporated into a wide spectrum of monitoring systems across a diverse list of industries—we have been a mainstay within chemical processing, petroleum, and water treatment companies. We look forward to finding new opportunities to help industries evolve. 

Pacific Sensor provides diesel fuel lubricity test specimens to customers performing ASTM D-6079, Evaluating Lubricity of Diesel Fuels by the High Frequency Reciprocating Rig, (HFRR). We provide single- and double-sided polished discs along with the ball (both made from E-52100 steel), which conform to the requirements of the ASTM D-6079 (American Society for Testing and Materials D-6079) procedure.  

Our single- and double-sided specimens work with most High Frequency Reciprocating Rigs (HFRR). The specimen is integrated with a microprocessor-controlled, friction and wear test system. The system produces quick, repeatable calculations of the performance of diesel fuels and lubricants.  

During the testing process, the specimen is inserted in the test reservoir where the temperature of the fuel is stabilized, and an oscillating arm is holding the accompanying non-rotating steel ball. The ball is let down until it comes in contact with the test disk, which is completely submerged in the fuel. The arm causes the ball to rub against the disk with small measured strokes. After a pre-determined amount of time passes, the ball is removed from the vibrator arm and cleaned. The dimensions of the wear scar are then measured and recorded.  

To help avoid downtime in monitoring and reporting, we keep all these items in stock for immediate shipping and delivery. Call or contact us with any questions about our fuel analysis products or for information about international shipping options and charges.  

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