Corrosion Monitoring Equipment Suppliers

Pacific Sensor is a premier international corrosion monitoring equipment supplier. Our services include weight-loss analysis, HFRR testing, and fuel testing. In addition to our services, we focus on offering high-quality corrosion coupon integration tools.  

Weight Loss Analysis for Corrosion Coupons 

Pacific Senor offers a weight loss analysis service that surpasses the industry standard. Once the exposure period is complete for any coupon(s), simply secure the coupon and ship to Pacific Sensor. 

When our team receives the corrosion coupons, we’ll clean, weigh, examine, and measure them to determine both the general corrosion rate and the pitting corrosion rate. Once our analysis is complete, we publish the results on an easily accessible and secure server. 

HFRR Test Specimens and Fuel Testing 

Pacific Sensor has a simple and unique approach to HFRR Testing—we aim to provide our clients with the highest quality specimens with the most consistent finish. Pacific Senor’s commitment to consistency gives your company the confidence that every Pacific Sensor product is reflecting the accurate conditions that exist in your system. As your corrosion monitoring equipment supplier, our team understands that accurate analysis is a vital part of your production process. We offer services to ensure you are receiving the most accurate information for your delicate processes. 

First-Rate Corrosion Monitoring Equipment 

Along with our services, Pacific Senor offers a great selection of corrosion monitoring equipment with easy integration into your current piping system. Our products include: 

We design our corrosion racks for non-invasive installation into a lateral stream monitoring system. Our racks are highly configurable for insertion into any monitoring point within your system. Furthermore, our corrosion coupon holders provide the perfect housing for corrosion coupons and complete the corrosion monitoring system.  

We also encourage system operators to replace electrodes on a regular basis to ensure that measurements remain accurate and consistent.