Corrosion Coupon Analysis  

We are proud to serve multi-national industries and provide them with necessary corrosion monitoring products. For more than 25 years, Pacific Sensor has been supplying quality corrosion monitoring equipment and services for companies in the chemical processing, petroleum, and water treatment industries.  

Accurate analysis is a vital aspect of your production process, and we understand that. To ensure you are receiving the most accurate information for your delicate processes we offer corrosion coupon analysis. 

Once a weight-loss corrosion coupons exposure period is completed it will need to be removed from service. Once removed, corrosion coupons must be cleaned, weighed, examined, and measured to determine both the general corrosion rate and the pitting corrosion rate. 

Pacific Sensor’s method of monitoring internal corrosion involves the use of a weight-loss corrosion test. Immediately after removing the corrosion coupon from the monitoring location, we encourage users to secure and ship corrosion coupons to our coupon analysis site.  

Upon arrival at the Pacific Sensor lab, the corrosion coupons are cataloged and prepared for analysis. All corrosion coupon analysis completed by Pacific Sensor strictly complies with all published industry standards. Our standards include recording weight-loss corrosion coupons before and after analysis has been completed. Pacific Senor provides a report that clearly defines the current analysis, along with any historical corrosion rate to the customer. Pacific Sensor is an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. 

We understand that you want to receive your results in a timely manner. To help expedite results we provide a digital delivery system so you can easily access your analysis and reports—get your results here. 

Pacific Senor’s product line can help you maintain every aspect of your corrosion monitoring system. Purchase corrosion coupons, coupon holders, coupon racks, and more. Check out our online store to see our entire collection of corrosion monitoring products and read more about their functions.